Don’t forget shoppers …we have until 31st August to collect blue tokens from manned checkouts at Tesco to go towards our fundraising total for The 2018 Santa Run. Everytime you use your own bag at the stores below you can take blue tokens and put them into the slot for R&NAC! They usually give you the pot so take a few!

  • Tesco Rugby Superstore 1 Leicester Rd, Rugby CV21 1RG
  • Tesco Bilton Express 18 Main St, Bilton, Rugby, CV22 7ND
  • Tesco Brownsover Express Helvelyn Way, Rugby, CV21 1LT
  • Tesco Express Redpoll Rd, Rugby CV21 3HW (Off Murray Road by the station)

The scores on the doors look very close between us winning £1000 and £4000 so anything you can do to help us get the top prize to boost our total is fabulous!    The Tesco Express in Railway Terrace had no tokens for just about the whole of July!   If you go there please ask for some you should have had..

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By ad-bryac / Administrator on Aug 11, 2018