Covid -19 Update – Phased Return to Training

Following the recent updates to Government & England Athletics Guidelines we are pleased to announce a phased return to training. The attached letter from our Chairman explains the situation and please note that all coaching is by invitation / prior booking.

Also please note that the Rugby track is not currently available and in any case a major refurbishment is scheduled for later in the Summer

Dear Athletes and Parents,

I hope that with a mixture of Joe Wicks, Zoom calls, hair clippers and internet memes, you are all coming through lockdown in one piece. We are by no means out of the woods yet, but, following the government’s easing of lockdown restrictions in the last couple of weeks, we are now close to a careful, phased return to training, in line with England Athletics guidelines.

Some of the endurance groups and the Ladies Running Group are already meeting in socially distanced groups of no more than six in various Northants and Warwickshire beauty spots. Now, however, we are ready for a return to track training.

Unfortunately the Rugby track must remain closed for some time to come, as the Leisure Centre is being used as an essential supplies centre in the fight against Coronavirus. Following discussions with Moulton College, however, we are pleased to announce a cautious return to training there beginning next week. This is very far from a return to normal, as the Coronavirus situation remains serious, and we will be subject to many restrictions until it is safe to lift them. We are including a link to the latest England Athletics Guidance to Athletes and Runners. Please read this carefully:

We will provide further specific guidance to particular groups where applicable.

One of the most important things to note is that, in order to ensure that the ratio of one coach to five athletes is not exceeded and no one makes a wasted journey, you or your child will be required to pre-book. We are sorry, but on no account may anybody simply turn up. Our Coronavirus officer, Dr Mark Barrowclough, will politely but firmly turn away anyone who has not used the booking system. This is for everybody’s safety. Rugby-based athletes will not have to wait until the Rugby track reopens. We are finalising arrangements for training at a local school, probably starting the week of 22 June, and we will be sending Rugby athletes more details of this soon.

We are going to start very small, monitor the situation and build from that in the light of how it goes. If you or your child’s coach is involved in the first phase of return, they will contact you with booking details. The Coronavirus situation means that there are additional things that we need to do to ensure that everyone stays safe. These could include controlling access and social distancing, cleaning/sanitizing equipment, other support and assistance to our coaches. If any members or parents are able to help us with any of these things, please get in touch with us. Offers of help will be gratefully received.

These remain utterly extraordinary times. It is good, however, to be taking the first steps towards the new normal. The new normal will not involve as much track competition as usual this year. We already know, for example, that all the YDL and Heart of England League fixtures have been cancelled. The new normal will, however, still involve enjoying recreational and competitive athletics within the supportive community that we, R&N AC, aspire to be.

If you have any questions or need any other information, please contact either our Vice Chairman, John Gercs, or me at:

Adrian White
Rugby and Northampton Athletic Club

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