27th January at Wollaton Park, Nottingham.

The results (excluding the seniors) from the Midlands Cross Country Championships.


The highlights were team gold medal for the U13 Girls, team silver medals for the U13 Boys, U17 Men and team bronze medal for the U20 Men.

U13 Girls:

Alice Bates                                          5th           12:26

Olivia Williams                                   7th           12:40

Elspeth Unitt                                      19th        13:06

Abigail Thayanithy                           22nd        13:14

Olivia Willison                                    39th        13:43

Madeleine Jacks                               43rd        13:49

Flora Goatley                                     47th        13:54

Jemima Lambert                               50th        13:57

Emily Langley                                     62nd        14:09

Team 1st (Alice Bates, Olivia Williams, Elspeth Unitt, Abigail Thayanithy)


U13 Boys:

Arthur Tilt                                            11th         12:06

Louis Buttrick                                     17th         12:14

Jenson Buttrick                                 30th        12:39

Joshua Robson                                  44th        13:02

Cian Shea                                            56th        13:24

Dominic Evans                                   58th        13:26

Malachy Collins                                 61st         13:28

Keiran Ashman                                 72nd        13:43

James Blomley                                  86th        14:21

Team 2nd (Arthur Tilt, Louis Buttrick, Jenson Buttrick, Joshua Robson)


U15 Girls:

Claudia Searle                                    18th        16:45

Molly Williams                                   21st              16:52

Olivia Reeves                                     44th         18:16

Holly Walker                                      53rd         18:29

Isabelle Rippon                                 56th        18:33

Team 4th (Claudia Searle, Molly Williams, Olivia Reeves, Holly Walker)


U15 Boys:

Lewis Panter                                      33rd         15:17

Jake Louis                                            35th         15:19

Tom Tyler                                            40th         15:24

Jake Hope                                           44th         15:28

Finbar Myers                                     45th         15:31

Aidan O’Brien                                    58th         15:46

Ben Willison                                        62nd        15:52

Isaac Thorman                                   69th         16:02

Michael Corbett                               81st         16:38

Team 7th (Lewis Panter, Jake Louis, Tom Tyler, Jake Hope)


U17 Women:

Amy Walker                                        12th             20:37

Georgina Woodward                      38th             22:46

Lucy Stevens                                      45th             23:05

Rhea Cooper                                      50th             23:24

Emma Barker                                     53rd             24:01

Team 5th (Amy Walker, Georgina Woodward, Lucy Stevens)


U17 Men:

Adam Searle                                       4th                 20:57

Matthew Chronicle                         9th          21:23

Muss-Ab Hassan                               18th             22:16

Ben Hope                                            22nd        22:21

Adam Caulfield                                  23rd             22:26

Joe Musgrove                                    33rd             23:04

Cian Hutton                                        45th         24:01

Ethan Kent-Whittaker                    47th         24:06

Adrian Kaczmarek                            48th         24:07

Tobias Heayns                                   70th         28:28

Team 2nd (Adam Searle, Matthew Chronicle, Muss-Ab Hassan, Ben Hope)


U20 Women:

Kirsty Goddard                                  21st         28:19


U20 Men:

Ben Musgrove                                   13th        29:38

Finn Hutton                                        23rd        31:02

Joe Childs                                            27th        31:48

Adam Bebbington                            35th        35:48

Team 3rd (Ben Musgrove, Finn Hutton, Joe Childs, Adam Bebbington)